Launch Native Integrations Inside Your SaaS, Without IT Dependency

Klamp Embed helps you cut down your cost and resources by 70% for your SaaS integrations.

Everything In Klamp Flow +

  • 1.5M Tasks / Year
  • Workflow building in clicks. Not in codes
  • Access to 200+ Integrations
  • Integration, accounts Management
  • UI Friendly integration experience
  • Reports and analytics
  • SOC2 certified
  • GDPR, HIPAA Compliant
  • New connector roll out in 3 days
  • Dedicated support 24/7 - Call, Email, Chat
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your specific needs. Key factors include:

    • Usage Volume: Number of active integrations and API calls.
    • Connector Needs: Access to standard connectors vs. custom development.
    • Support Level: We offer various support tiers to meet your requirements.

    For pricing,

    schedule a call with us using this link.

    Absolutely! Contact us to schedule a personalized demo and discuss how Klamp Embed can benefit your product.

    Implementation time varies depending on the complexity of the integrations. However, our streamlined process and pre-built connectors allow many integrations to be embedded within days or weeks, rather than months.

    There is no additional charge on usage as the plan that you subscribe to includes a minimum usage guarantee. This number varies from one plan to another. The starter plan starts with 1.5 million tasks per year.

    Klamp's usage fee starts at USD 0.001 per task.