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What type of Business are you?

Tailored solutions for every business – Discover Klamp’s versatile services
designed to fit your needs and industry. Take control of your automation journey with flexible billing options.

Take the hassle out of handling your business operations by automating workflows using Klamp’s No-code automation. Ensure efficiency and cost savings.

Start your automation journey with Klamp today and discover how our cost-effective solutions can transform your business operations, reduce overheads, and boost productivity. With Klamp, automation is not just for big corporations – it’s for everyone.

Enhance your product’s integration capabilities with Klamp embedded iPaaS and Enable your customers to maximize their experience with your product.

Experience the Klamp difference today. With our robust integration capabilities, flexible use case options, and stable pricing, we’re committed to helping you deliver the best possible experience to your customers. With Klamp, seamless integration is just a click away.

Craft workflows that are perfectly attuned to your needs, unlocking higher productivity, improving ROI, and promoting a positive employee work experience.

Experience the power of completely customized integration with Klamp. Our platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of large enterprises, providing a level of customization and support that is unmatched in the industry. So why wait? Discover the Klamp difference today and take your enterprise to the next level of productivity and efficiency.

Are you looking for a Automation buddy?

Meet klamp’s integration specialist for personalized automation support. From understanding
your needs to deliver tailored solutions, klamp ensures a stress-free experience.

  • klamp's Integration buddy shall assist you with complete end-to-end implementation
  • Not seeing an App you use in Klamp? Let us know and get it delivered in 3 days.
  • Need help in setting up automation? No worries, we got you covered
  • Do you have any existing automations setup in place that needs migration to klamp? We can handle the process seamlessly without causing any disruptions to your regular business operations..

Our Apps Marketplace

Explore more applications with wide variety of API events support. You can integrate multiple software applications and make your day-to-day work more efficient and effortless with klamp’s iPaaS automation. More the apps means more collaboration, more context and more productivity

Simple Pricing Options Tailor Made For You

Experience Klamp’s reliable iPaaS Solution, boasting top-of-the-line features and functionality.
Enjoy the freedom to control your billing and plan automations in a phased manner.

  • Every trigger is an action
  • Tailor-made pricing based on your needs.
  • Easy to determine the cost, once the utilization is known

Put your business on autopilot

Set-up zero code automation & integrations at ease without IT assistance.

Put your business on autopilot

Set-up zero code automation & integrations at ease without IT assistance.

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