Support trigger and actions

what does this means?

Triggers when a contact is created

Triggers when an invoice is created

Triggers when an item is created

Triggers when a sales order is created

Helps create a new contact

Helps create a new invoice

Helps create a new item

Helps create a new sales order

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Automate Zoho Inventory integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

  • hubspot.png
    Automatically add people as contacts in Hubspot for their orders made in Zoho Inventory

    Hubspot + Zoho Inventory

  • zoho_inventory.png
    Automatically add people who have ordered from your Zoho Inventory in Google Spreadsheet as rows.

    Zoho Inventory + Google Spreadsheet

  • mailchimp without text.png
    Send mail to contacts from Mailchimp when there is an abandoned cart in Zoho Inventory.

    Mailchimp + Zoho Inventory

  • zoho_inventory.png
    Automatically add Zoho Inventory contacts as SurveySparrow customers

    Zoho Inventory + SurveySparrow

  • stripe.png
    Integrate Stripe with Zoho Inventory for real-time inventory updates

    Stripe + Zoho Inventory