Embed, Empower, and Customize

Transform the integration experience for your customers. Help them get 360° view of the data they look at while you get a complete control over their usage and integration health.

Give your SaaS wings to fly with powerful features


In-built tools to power up the Integration capabilities


Capture data from any application by having the klamp's webhook URL embedded inside it. Saves you when there is no API available for an application and when you want to pull up data from on-prem

Time Delayer

Hold your automated actions for a certain period of time which you can set. Wanna follow up customers, send invoice, post a social media picture at a scheduled time? You can do it. 

Filter by Condition

Filters allow you to get the data what exactly you want. When there is a loads of data and you want only a particular type, you can extract that using Filter by Conditions.

Custom Logic with Paths

Branch out different paths for different scenarios. If customer buys A product, then send mail #1. If he buys B product, then send mail #2. It applies to anything you think.

Platform Support

Move the data from wherever they are to wherever you want


Exchange data at scale by deploying klamp's ConnectX, a customizable middleware tool that bridges the gap and ensures fluid integration data flow between applications

Data Migration

Looking to migrate data from cloud to cloud, on-prem to cloud? Do it at a click of a button. Export the data from source using SQL, upload them as .CSV, .XLS files into the decided platform


Want a secured file transfer application? You can achieve it by adopting klamp's SFTP. Migrate data chunks from one coast to another with robust security

Platform Intelligence

Make smarter decisions with in-depth analytics

API Insights

Stay on top of key metrics like how many API calls have been made in a month or in a quarter on how many workflows. 

API Health

Track API performance, identify bottlenecks on APIs' health. Is there any version update made on an app's API? Fill the gaps proactively before customer raises issue about it

App Consumption

Keep a tab on each and every app with regards to its consumption. Make data-driven decision based on positive signals.

Task Usage

Have an in-depth view of tasks being consumed and what are the successful runs, what are the failed klamps. Resolve issues faster with clear logs


Modify your iPaaS to fit your needs

Layout Customization

Customize the integration platform according to your brand design guidelines. Make it native to your product ecosystem for best user experience


Embed the iPaaS into your product ecosystem with an iFrame model. It's like embedding the chat widget's code snippet into your website. Done in seconds. 

Workflow Customization

Customize the workflows based on your customers' requirements. Make the integrations that are tailored to best solve the needs of them.

Custom URL

You can also embed your integration platform into your product by giving it a custom URL. You decide how you want the URL to be. For example, yourproduct.com/marketplace

Put your business on autopilot

Set-up zero code automation & integrations at ease without IT assistance.

Put your business on autopilot

Set-up zero code automation & integrations at ease without IT assistance.

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