Get your SaaS product to solve 1000+ integration
use-cases instantly.

Unite your product effortlessly within other SaaS products.
Own every customer with integration requirements.

Trusted by 100+ businesses around the world

Own your customer with Integration requests at ease

No more trouble with integrations, have the freedom to build a workflow automation
instantly upon requests without the need for resource allocation & spending

Worry-Free Growth

Focus on your business growth, knowing your pricing will remain stable and predictable. The flexibility to carry forward whats left lessens your burden on spends.

Simplify Integration

Have a no-code solution which helps all your customers to handle automation themselves, reducing the dependability on your support team or their own development team.

Transparent and Stable Pricing

Choose your plan confidently by trialing our solution and understand whats your potential usage could be when live. There will be no surprise price increase anymore.

Consistent Usage

Opt for a plan tailored to your needs, such as 1 million actions, and utilize it until you reach the limit without worries. Stop worrying about additional costs.

Locked-in Pricing

Once you select a plan, the pricing remains the same for the entire year, regardless of usage. Klamp lets you handle an additional 20% traffic.

Embedded iPaaS Solution

Klamp's embedded platform is that easy to setup and creates a seamless integrated capabilities, empowering smooth data flow when connected.

Transparent & stable pricing during your growth stage

Stop worrying about hiring developers to build those 15 or 20 integration requirements a month. No need to hire a dev team to handle integrations, we will have you covered at less than 10% of your potential spend.

Running Out of Limit? Extend in Just One Click!

In spite of having a 20% buffer on actions, do you still foresee breaching the limits? Extend your limits
with one click and the best part is, it does not impact your customers using these integrations.

  • Stay worry-free about exceeding action limits with our Embedded iPaaS.
  • Easily add-on actions to meet any additional integration needs for the year.
  • Enhance your product's integration capabilities without budgetary constraints.
  • Focus on your product's growth, knowing that action limits won't hold you back.
  • Empower your platform with the flexibility of Embedded iPaaS add-on actions.

Just Released

Introducing Klamp’s Guide: Unraveling Native Integrations, Third-Party Integrations & Embedded iPaaS. Gain Insights and Know “When to Consider What?” for Optimal Integration. Discover Seamless Connectivity & Empower Your Business. Elevate Your Platform Performance with Embedded iPaaS.

Put your business on autopilot

Set-up zero code automation & integrations at ease without IT assistance.

Put your business on autopilot

Set-up zero code automation & integrations at ease without IT assistance.

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